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How to Save More Energy at Home and in the Office

Most homes and offices can no longer function properly without the various electrical devices we depend on. But for homes that add devices for entertainment and luxury and for offices that want to upgrade their equipment, it also means using more energy for these devices to function.

These are tips on how to save electricity and still enjoy the benefits of electrical devices at home and in the office.

Regular Equipment Servicing

Preventive maintenance can save you money than repairs and replacement, because you will extend the life of the device as well as make sure that it’s not using up too much resources. Call a licensed electrician in Singapore to schedule regular checks on your building’s electrical works especially if the office is using a lot of electrical devices. You should also schedule regular servicing of all your equipment, such as computers and air conditioners, to make sure that they are functioning efficiently. The electrician will also be able to give you advice how to run your equipment properly and save energy.

Clean Your Appliances

Regular cleaning of your air conditioner, refrigerator, and washer will also save energy and will lessen fire hazards. Clogged devices not only lessen the performance but will also need more energy to function, especially when they’re overheating. Remove the lint in your washer before loading the clothes, clean the coils of the refrigerator at least twice a year, and schedule air conditioner servicing once every two or three years to keep your appliances in good condition. If the equipment are too old (ten years or older), consider replacing them with energy-efficient models.

Use CFL Lightbulbs

You should think about switching your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFL) to save energy. Ask a licensed electrician to compute how much energy you’re currently spending then compare that to how much you’ll need when you switch to CFL. If the fixtures in office uses dimmers, hire an electrician services company to replace the lightbulbs with special types of CFL that cost less to buy and will last longer than regular lightbulbs.

Look for Energy Star Labels

If your business is planning to buy more electronic devices, you should look for equipment that have an Energy Star label, because these have passed the tests and standards for energy efficiency. You should also ask the electrician if you need to replace old equipment that are eating up more energy to save more on your electric bill. For offices that need to buy more equipment such as computers or laptops, make sure to consult a good electrician in Singapore to install more outlets to avoid overloading issues.

Install Smart Switches

While motion-sensing switches or occupancy sensors might seem too expensive, they can actually help the company save more money, because they turn on and turn off the lights automatically only when needed. This means that you will be paying only for the energy that you will use. Consider installing smart switches if your office is planning to upgrade or renovate the building by consulting a licensed electrician in Singapore to help you determine the best option.

Unplug Devices Not in Use

To save more energy in the office, remind the employees to unplug unused devices that still use up energy even when they’re turned off. You can also consider installing timers on printers and copiers to make sure they are turned off after office hours or during weekends. Some appliances at home also have power strips that still use up energy even when you switch them off, as any electrician will tell you, that is why make it a habit to inspect the house for unplugged devices before going to bed. This includes gadgets that have a standby mode, which still uses up 10% of energy.

Repair and Inspect the Wiring

Besides regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, you should also make sure to hire an electrician services company to repair the wiring in your home or office. Although it’s also a good idea to learn from do-it-yourself instructional manuals and videos, you should not place your family or company at an unnecessary risk by taking chances. A good electrician is trained in the installation, upgrade, maintenance, and troubleshooting of any type of electrical problem. Set a schedule for regular inspection and maintenance to address any problem and avoid accidents and fires in the future.

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