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How to Fix a Power Trip Safely and Fast

Problems with electricity usually involve the power supply, but there can still be many factors otherwise. That is why you should avoid tampering with circuit breakers and other electrical works without sufficient knowledge. Electrical works are very complicated and amateur intervention can lead to a lot of risks.

Causes of Power Trip or Failure

A power failure, for one, can occur because of different reasons. Although this can be a nuisance, it actually means that your circuit breakers are doing their job. That is, to interrupt the flow of electricity if it cannot handle the excess load.

  • Circuit overload – this occurs when you plug in an appliance that requires more electricity from the circuit’s supply. For example, plugging in an appliance that uses 20 amps in a circuit that only has a 12-amp capacity.
  • Short circuit – this occurs when a wire carrying electric current (hot wire) is exposed to and touches another wire. When this happens, the electric current will create more heat than the circuit can handle. This, then, causes the power trip.
  • Ground fault – quite similar to a short circuit, but instead of touching another wire, the hot wire touches a ground wire or a metal outlet connected to the ground wire.

How We Deal with Power Tripping

When you experience power failure at home, it should be a good idea to call for electrical services, mainly if you don't know the cause. Conversely, there are also other things you can try.

First is to open the breaker box and find which switch has changed to the OFF position. Before turning that switch to ON, it will be ideal to turn off all lights and appliances first. Then, you should be able to turn that switch back to the ON position. When you turn your appliances and lights on again and the power trips again, the best thing to do is to call an electrician.

Remember though, that because there may be multiple causes and dangers to a power trip, it is ALWAYS better to call a licensed electrician than to do things yourself.

Overall Repair and Maintenance

Hiring a Power Max electrician secures your safety from different electrical issues. You can be sure that the job is done well, so as for you to not face any more problems in the future. Our electricians also make sure to finish repair and maintenance on time for the convenience of customers, of course.

Excellent Services and Our Highly-Trained Electricians

With Power Max, you are guaranteed extensive electrical services from installation, to basic repairs, up to the most complicated electrical problems. Our electricians will supply you with the right information and come up with the best solutions to your electrical needs.