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How to Find Energy-Efficient Equipment for Your Office

Most offices and businesses nowadays rely on computers, printers, copiers, and other gadgets to function daily, that is why commercial buildings in Singapore consume a lot of energy. However, despite the high electric bills, most offices and businesses overlook the benefits of energy-efficient equipment as long as their daily operations are not interrupted.

The following are tips to turn your office or business into an energy-efficient space.

Measure All the Office Equipment

By hiring the services of a licensed electrician in Singapore, perform an energy audit in your office or business. While this can be done manually using a metering device, a good electrician will also be able to point out equipment that are using a lot of energy to function.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

You should also schedule a regular inspection and maintenance in the office with a reliable electrician services company to determine if the office’s electrical works need adjustments, alterations, and repairs. This will not just create a safer place for your employees and customers, but will also make the office staff more conscious about how they use energy in the office. If the office is planning to perform installation of new devices, office upgrades, and repairs or renovations in the building, it’s common sense to hire a reputable electrician services company to perform the inspection.

Improve Power Management

Perhaps it’s time for the office or business to upgrade and replace its electrical equipment with energy-efficient materials labeled with an Energy Star. Desktops, laptops, printers, copiers, and other equipment with this label have passed the standards of energy-efficiency and include features that will enable the company to conserve energy when not in use. If you’re worried about the quality of the product, just ask any reliable electrician in Singapore, and they will tell you that these machines work better than those that are not energy-efficient. You should also compare the results of your previous energy measurement to the new figures after you installed the energy-efficient machines.

Install Power Strips

Large office spaces have problems with phantom energy or the use of electricity in outlets even when the device is turned off. To prevent this from happening, you can attach power strips that will automatically shut off devices connected to it all at once. This will make unplugging a lot faster than visually checking each unit before shutting down the office.

Set Office Rules

Make sure that all the employees are briefed with the proper use of all the office electrical equipment; such as unplugging items that are not in use to save energy. Even when switched off or when in sleep mode, the equipment is still using up as much as 10% power. You should also set a schedule on the use of printers and copiers to enable the machines to cool off, because they will need more energy when they are overused. All electronic devices, even coffee machines and water coolers, should also have a timer or a sleep mode in case employees forget to turn them off or if they are not in use yet.

Switch to Laptops or LCD Monitors

Computers are indispensable in most offices in Singapore, but you might want to consider switching some of the desktop units with laptops that are energy-efficient. If the office needs more desktop units, you should pick liquid crystal displays (LCD) that use only two-thirds of the power needed by a cathode ray tube (CRT) screen.

Use Smart Lighting

For large office spaces, especially those that still operate at night, lighting can also be a factor in energy consumption. If it’s impossible to redesign the office building to become more energy efficient, strategic use of lighting can lower electric bills. Consider installing light-emitting diode (LED) lamps in the office because they last longer than incandescent and compact fluorescent lights. They can also prevent the buildup of heat and are compact and durable. There are also motion-sensing lights that turn on or off automatically.

Upgrade the Office’s Ventilating Systems

Ventilating, heating, and air-conditioning systems should be upgraded to energy-efficient models not only to reduce energy consumption, but to maximize machine performance and to reduce pollution. Before upgrading the ventilating systems, however, you need to consult a good electrician in Singapore to determine your current cooling and heating needs.

Preventive Maintenance

All office equipment should be regularly inspected and maintained to keep them in good working condition. If the office has no resident electrician, they should hire a licensed electrician in Singapore to perform scheduled maintenance of the office’s electrical works to inspect the lighting, switches, plugs, and to determine if the machines are getting enough energy or not.

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