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Hiring a licensed electrician ensures you and your entire family’s or staff’s safety from the dangers of sloppy electrical works done by an inexperienced electrician. With us, you can be sure that you are working with licensed, trained and skilled experts who are more than qualified to inspect and rectify faulty wirings and electrical installations.




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Should You Really Solve Electrical Problems Yourself?


Electrical problems can be dangerous whether it’s a power surge or even a single flickering light, and it can easily turn into a fire or electrocution hazard when you leave them unattended for a while.

But should you actually solve electrical problems yourself?

Before breaking out your toolbox to fix anything in your home’s electrical system, it’s important to know exactly what the problem is and what’s causing it.

Are Your Lights Flickering?

Lights don’t usually flicker because the sockets are connected to the wires properly in a closed circuit, but this can still happen if you either have appliances that take on a lot of power when starting up, or if something is wrong with your local transformer.

However, if your lights flicker more than usual, this could either be a loose wire connection or a failing switch.

What’s Tripping Your Circuit Breaker?

Circuit breakers are designed to shut off when they detect a sudden power spike, or power surge, entering your home’s electrical circuit, preventing fire hazards and electrocution.

There are a few reasons why this happens. One is that your main line is experiencing a sudden surge from the main power supply, which doesn’t usually happen.

Another reason why your circuit breaker can trip is because it has a loose connection. These loose connections are easy to find if you see charred or burnt areas around a specific circuit breaker. While circuits today can be re-set if they trip, frequent tripping indicates a larger problem.

If this is the case, you might need someone to look into your circuit breaker, and to get an accurate assessment, you need a professional electrician to do so.

What is a Power Surge?

Electricity normally flows constantly from the main power line to your home’s electrical wiring after passing through the main power points in the circuit. As long as your circuit breaker switches are on, you are getting a constant electricity supply.

However, spikes can cause to your power surge, which is perhaps the most dangerous thing that could happen in your home. But the good news is that these rarely happen, and these are best prevented by having a proper connection.

If you have high-voltage or sensitive appliances at home, such as high-powered lamps or gadgets, using a surge protector also helps.

5 Common Home Electrical Problems

With all the possible dangers that come with electrical hazards, it’s hard to know if you can do something about them on your own.

But the good news is that not everything is always a major problem. In fact, here are a few common electrical problems you’re going to encounter at some point:

  • General power outage - Power outages can happen, but they aren’t usually a huge problem unless you’re the only one in your neighborhood who frequently experiences them
  • A specific tripped circuit breaker - Tripped breakers can be re-set, but frequent tripping can indicate damage
  • Burnt-out bulb - Burnt-out bulbs need to be replaced to avoid an electrical hazard
  • Faulty doorbell - Faulty doorbells need to be repaired or replaced to keep them working properly
  • Faulty Cord - Some exposed wires can be fastened and sealed with electrical tape

Most of these problems can be fixed or replaced on your own as long as you follow the right safety tips, such as wearing the right safety gear, and keeping the power off when you’re working.

DIY Electrical Repairs You Can Do at Home

It’s always best to do something to keep electrical hazards in your home to a minimum, and there are some basic types of electrical repairs you can do in your own home. Some of these include the following:

  • Replacing a burnt-out light bulb
  • Replacing a tripped circuit
  • Fixing a cord or wire with duct tape
  • Tightening a loose plug

These repairs usually don’t take too much time or even money to replace, but with a tripped circuit, you may want to make sure to consult a professional electrician service to do it safely if you’re not sure.

How to Keep Your Home Electrically Safe

Keeping your home properly insulated from electricity is the best way to prevent electrical and fire hazards from starting or getting worse, especially if you don’t have any experience or know what you’re doing.

This means keeping your home’s electrical circuit properly maintained and up to date. For best results, it’s always a good idea to call an electrician service to do routine maintenance, replacements, and repairs.

More specifically, you want an electrician team that is made up of experts with years of experience in the field, and the necessary skills to fix all kinds of electrical problems you might have in your household – and this is where PowerMax comes in.

Calling a 24-Hour Electrician Service

Electrical problems can arise at any time, and because you shouldn’t wait around before they get worse, you want to make sure you have a 24 hour electrician company you can call for your home at any time.

We at PowerMax understand the value of fast action to solve electrical problems round the clock, and we have you covered with a team of licensed professional electricians that you can call at any time.

From electrical malfunctions to blown fuses, we are more than capable of assessing the root causes of your problem and make the repairs quickly and efficiently.

With our team’s quick response, you can guarantee that you can get back to your normal, everyday routine in no time.